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Our Instructors

                                                200 & 500 hr certified yoga instructors, with specialties in a variety of styles. We are here for you. Let us assist you on your path to practicing yoga in a safe and nurturing environment.  

A Yoga Studio overlooking Wolfeboro’s Back Bay on Lake Winnipesaukee

Michelle Clarke, E-RYT, Owner & Director of Moondala Yoga Studio

Michelle first found herself in an Ashtanga yoga studio just after having her first son in 2003. And began practicing Forrest Yoga in 2008. A mother of three, she utilizes her yoga practice as a means to challenge herself physically, release stress and also find balance and clarity in an often hectic life. She has been a certified Childlight Yoga Instructor since 2009, and runs the Little Yogis program for 2-6 yr olds at Moondala Yoga Studio and formerly developed the program for Earth and Sky Yoga.

In 2010, she graduated from the Yoga New Hampshire Teacher Training Program through the Living Yoga Studio in Concord, NH, studying under Maureen Miller.

She is a Certified Reiki Master, under the guidance of Stacy Sky Gibbons of Earth and Sky Yoga and brings elements of the energetic body into her physical asana classes.

Michelle is PaddleFit Certified Level 2 through Brody Welte’s Standup Fitness Program, recognized by the ACE and NSCA. She is a World Paddleboard Association Certified Instructor. She is the founder and instructor of Full Moondala SUP Yoga teacher training.

She enjoys the benefits of practicing all forms of Yoga, skiing, paddling and golfing. At Moondala you will find her teaching Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Gentle, Children’s Yoga  and Beach Yoga. As well as SUP Yoga.  (Standup Paddle Board Yoga) for her company, Full Moon Paddleboard, where water, athleticism, nature, balance, focus and the ability to be present collide, in a beautiful and playful way. Deeply connected to water and moon phases, she is Moondala’s resident mermaid...:)

Jennifer Murphy RYT

Jennifer started her journey with yoga in 2000 at O2 Yoga in Portsmouth, NH under the instruction of Mimi Loureiro. Here, she was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga, which is based on the eight-limbed path of Patanjali. This philosophy incorportates poses (asanas), ethical standards, self-discipline, breath, withdrawal of the senses, and concentration while bringing awareness of these ideas into your daily life off the mat.  In 2012, Jennifer graduated from the 200-hour Yoga New Hampshire Teacher Training Program through the Living Yoga Studio in Concord, NH, under instructor Maureen Miller. In the spring of 2009, she took her first Forrest Yoga class with Stacey Gibbons at Earth and Sky Yoga. She enjoys the benefits and challenges of practicing both Ashtanga and Forrest Yoga. As a school counselor, Jennifer's days are spent attending to the needs to others; a work that is satisfying, yet can be profoundly effective on her emotional state. Yoga not only bestows a sense of physical well being, but restores her to a sense of grounding and connectedness.   Jennifer lives in Effingham, NH with her husband Tom.

Guinevere Boston RYT, Yoga Therapist

Guinevere began practicing yoga as part of her acting training in NYC in 1993. She studied asana, meditation and chanting through 2000 in New York at the Siddha Shiva Center. In 2000, she began teaching privately incorporating asana, meditation, chanting and nutrition in Arizona and Vermont. She was inspired to get her 500 hour certification with Purusha Yoga in San Fransisco.  She is a certified Yoga Therapist as well as a teacher.

Maura Sullivan

Rhonda Alden

Andrea Eaton

Andrea Eaton, RYT

Andrea found yoga after college graduation in 2007. She fell in love with it as a new way to manage stress and an alternative form of exercise following years of playing field hockey and other team sports. She practiced throughout pregnancies with her two sons and, shortly after the birth of her second, was drawn to complete 200-hr training as a way to regain core and overall body strength, create space for reflection and ultimately spread the benefits of yoga to others. She completed 200-hr Rasamaya teacher training at Moondala Yoga Studio in July 2014. By day, Andrea is a Director of Solutions Marketing at a software company in Portsmouth, NH.


Stacey Gibbons E-RYT, Owner Earth and Sky Yoga

Stacey is the Owner of former studio,  Earth and Sky Yoga in Wolfeboro, NH. She is certified in Forrest Yoga, Power Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, and has trained with Manju Jois in the Ashtanga system. She also continues to attend workshops with Bo Forbes, and is an avid Tarot Card reader and Intuitive. She completed her Advanced Forrest Yoga Teacher Training in 2009 and recently graduated from the Jaguar Path Institute with a certification in Peruvian Shamanism and completed her 200 hour Jaguar Path Yoga certification in the fall of 2012. In addition to her Master Certifications in Traditional Reiki with Llyn Roberts (Author of A Good Remembering, Shamanic Reiki, and Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness), she is also Karuna Reiki Master, Stacey has also trained in Shamanic, Light and Sound, and Stewardship of the Earth practices with Cie Simurro. She also received her Advanced Certification in Kolaimni Healing as taught by Grandmother Mechi of Cherokee descent. Stacey holds her ongoing apprenticeship with Laurie Farrell very dear to her as Laurie is a Master Healer in multiple disciplines including Traditional Medicine ways. Stacey is the creatrix of “The Wilderness Within”, a nine week credit course offered to high school student’s which combines a Reiki Certification, Native American Wisdom, Yoga and its Philosophy, and Meditation. This course is school board approved.

My personal work began during a 15 year struggle with Anxiety and Depression that culminated in a near death experience. It forced me to delve into my deepest emotional wounds. I rediscovered my gifts as an intuitive and medium, something that I had hidden away as a child out of fear and confusion. My struggles, my pain, and my triumphs catapulted me into my soul’s truth and my deep desire to help guide others into the light of their own potential.”

Maryjean Kimball RYT, LE

Maryjean Kimball, RYT, LE

Maryjean came to yoga through her years in fitness and ballet training with the Boston Ballet. Her personal yoga practice became her passion. She loved the external physical gains that her body made in flexibility and strength. She soon realized the true “power” of yoga lies in its ability to cultivate internal balance and clarity of mind. Her love of yoga and her aesthetic teaching background lead her to the Kripalu School of Yoga in the Berkshires to complete the 200 hour RYT. The Kripalu Yoga tradition stresses the importance of compassionate, non-judgemental self awareness when it comes to moving the body and training the mind. As an external student, Maryjean continues to study all forms of yoga, allowing her practice to change and evolve.

Maryjean is also a Certified Barre Instructor giving her the opportunity to combine her passion for yoga and ballet. She guides her classes with precision, enthusiasm, and safe alignment allowing her students to reach their goals for both body and mind. She is a mother of an adult daughter and two step children. She alternates her time between her home in Freedom, NH and a condo in Nahant, MA teaching in both these regions. She is a member of the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association and the Yoga Alliance.

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